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Victoria 3 could already be at a playable stage

Published: 02:52, 09 July 2021
Paradox Interactive
Victoria 3 is finally here
Victoria 3

When anticipating a game for a long time, fans try to scrounge up any and every information they can on it, whether it's speculation or actual facts. That phenomenon is taken to another level when Victoria 3 is in question.

As a grand strategy game, the Victoria franchise has differed from other similar games, with its focus on the specific time period of the 19th century, as well as the economic and diplomatic relations between countries, rather than bringing armies and war into prime focus, as most other games are wont to do.

The developers have highlighted four key things that make an authentic Victoria game:

- Intranational progress. There are enough events, problems, and history within a single nation, that Victoria 3 aims to make managing your own nation and improving its socio-economic status enjoyable enough by itself.

- Diplomacy. While shifting the focus from war to international relations, Paradox Interactive have made diplomacy take its place in these games. To become a Great Nation means not to merely "paint the map" in the colors of your nation, but to stand on the right side of history with powerful allies.

- Politics. If a word embodies Victoria games' essence, it would be politics. Using the ever-changing world of the 19th century to your advantage is something that must be done in order to prosper.

- Change. The time in which the game takes place, from 1836-1936, is a time when a man has gone from fighting with guns barely better than muskets, to bomber planes, meaning the players leading the countries cannot be set in their ways.

Paradox Interactive Victoria 3 core "pop" mechanic Victoria 3 core "pop" mechanic

Now, following the direction the developer diaries are taking, it would appear that all of the core mechanics are already in place. Quite a few of the diaries, and interviews done with the developing teams, have explicitly stated, as an example, a playthrough a developer has had with a certain nation.

One thing to note, however, is that Paradox games age like fine wine. It is only with updates and fixes that the games grow to be what they are today, and due to a lot riding on the success of Victoria 3, and unpolished games are never received positively, it is certainly possible that it will take a while until launch. But seeing the state the game is at currently, the launch date may, still, not be as far as we think it is.

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