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Victoria 3 bases the economy on Goods and Services

Published: 22:48, 21 June 2021
Paradox Interactive
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Supply and demand are the driving forces behind any economy, but what about said supply and demand objects? Those are, in both Victoria 3 and real-life, called Goods

The main way of acquiring wealth in Victoria 3 is via the manufacturing and selling process of Goods. These can be divided into four types, and are consumed by either Pops or Buildings, with no hard lines of differentiation, as nothing is ever set in stone in an everchanging world.

Staple Goods are the most basic unit of Goods in Victoria 3. They are bought in large quantities by the poor and middle-class Pops and are essential to their survival. Be it grain to feed the livestock, low-quality meat to feed themselves, or something else, society cannot function without these Goods. Taking into account the previous dev diaries and the type of game Victoria 3 is shaping up to be, we can expect these Goods to evolve as society takes on new religions, and makes technological and cultural progress.

The antithesis to Staple Goods is Luxury Goods. Worth far more, with more room for profit, Luxury Goods take more expertise to produce. One thing to note is, of course, that these Goods are wanted, not needed. so their profitability depends on having a customer base with appropriate buying power.

Industrial Goods are a staple in growing a country's GDP and economic power. While Luxury Goods are certainly profitable unit-wise, Industrial Goods are always in demand. Coal, iron, rubber, and other such Goods are used to make other Goods, vital to a functioning society in the midst of industrial progress.

Paradox Interactive Industrial Goods are not always materials Industrial Goods are not always materials

Military Goods are, as the name implies, Goods consumed by the armed forces of any country. Based on the level of advancement of the army or the navy, Military Goods needed scale in both complexity and price.

As said in the beginning, there are no hard lines in Victoria 3. While the armies consume Military goods, their soldiers need food to eat, and the ships require fuel to sail and metals to be built. And though Staple Goods are worth far less moneywise than Luxury Goods, factory workers making luxury Goods most likely can only afford to consume and buy the Goods to cover their most basic needs.

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