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GTA Online adds a Classic Bike, a slew of discounts

Published: 16:58, 02 January 2017
Updated: 20:37, 17 June 2019
GTA Online

Time-limited bonuses and power-ups are coming to GTA Online. The usual discounts are for Grenade Lunchers, Body Armour, Ammo, Throwables, Explosive Weapon Ammo this time around, alongside a new Vehicle Vendetta warfare Adversary Mode.

The new Pegassi FCR 1000 bike is now available in the new Vehicle Vendetta Adversary mode. The new mode allows you and your team to square off against an opposing team and compete for various power-ups scattered all over the map. The Detonator, Rocket, Ghost, and many other power-ups, along with double GTA$ and RP are at your disposal through January the 17th in the Vehicle Vendetta mode.

Discounts on Grenade Lunchers, Body Armour, Ammo, Throwables, Explosive Weapon Ammo and more will be on hand from the 3rd of January up until January the 16th. Double GTA$ and RP are also up for grabs as rewards for the players competing in the Rockstar Stunt Races in that time frame. The Premium Race is another way to earn more GTA$ and even triple your RP points. 

GTA Online GTA Online

For a full list of all the discounts and power-ups, go to .

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