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Valve reveal Steam Library visual and feature overhaul

Published: 11:19, 22 March 2019
Picture of the new look of the Steam Library
Steam Library overhaul

Valve have showcased the new looks of the Steam Library which will now seemingly be more interactive in an attempt to help users keep up with their games. Most importantly, it will keep the familiar column of owned games on the left.

GabeN's tiny video game corner shop, known to a few PC users as Steam, is getting an overhaul for the most visited part of it - the games library. It will now offer some new fancy visuals along the lines of Origin, uPlay, Discord, Epic Games Store and other digital retail interfaces.

One change that should prove to be rather influential should be library filtering through the tags similar to those seen in the store. The visual changes to the library aren't only cosmetic though as the new interface filled with box art will have practical uses too.

Steam Library image used for the header in this article is a perfect example. The first row of box art pictures shows the recently played titles, the row below it shows titles with recent updates and the third row sorts the owned games by achievements unlocked. The last one should serve as both a completionist's trophy case and an indicator of the games a user likes in particular.

The events tab will provide users with info about upcoming events, updates and live streams connected to the games they are interested in, while also serving as another layer of discoverability for the developers and publishers. This tab will be completely controlled by developers and publishers and will serve as a mini blog of their own to promote their products.

Valve Picture of the Steam Library overhaul with Events tab Steam Library - Events

The request by developers and publishers for more discoverability is becoming more popular lately as Steam is a host to a virtually unending number of games, which is one of the reasons why Valve are having difficulty moderating them. Meanwhile, Epic Games saw this as an opportunity to promote their own store, stating the will be refused from get-go.


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