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UFC 4 update 7.0 is live, and the UFC 178 Conor McGregor is back

Published: 09:53, 22 January 2021
Conor McGregor from the UFC 178 is back in the game
UFC 178 McGregor is back with the UFC 4 patch update 7.0

UFC 178 Conor McGregor returns in the January Patch (7.0) for EA Sports UFC 4. The update also brings a new fighter to the game, alongside a whole lot of gameplay changes and bug fixes.

A new update for UFC 4 has been released, more precisely the January update (patch 7.0) which brings a lot of stuff, just before the big rematch between McGregor and Poirier (January 23, 2021).

Just before this highly-anticipated fight, EA Sports brings Legacy Conor McGregor's into the game, a version from the UFC 178 fight, when McGregor and Poirier first competed in the octagon. The fight took place in 2014 and ended with a knockout in the first round in favor of the Notorious Irishman.

"At UFC 178, Conor's decisive victory against Dustin Poirier made the fight world sit up and take notice. Now, days away from their highly anticipated rematch, we're celebrating Conor's return with a Legacy fighter model recreating his appearance at UFC 178. The new Legacy model will have a 4.5 star overall rating in the Featherweight division. Additionally, we’ve added some new Conor themed vanity to the game."

Patch 7.0 also brings a new fighter into the game. Jiri Prochazka, currently the 5th ranked Light Heavyweight in the UFC, joins the digital octagon with a 4-star overall rating including 4.5 stars for striking and health.

EA UFC fighter Jiri Prochazka in the UFC 4 video-game Jiri Prochazka in EA SPORTS UFC 4 patch 7.0

The developer said that they listened to the players' complaints and that they fixed many things regarding the gameplay, and they also inserted a new kick - a calf kick.

"With the addition of these new kicks, the regular leg kick is now done by holding the kick button and tapping the button results in the calf kick.", the explanation further reads: "Calf kicks target a lower part of the leg which makes them more effective for destabilizing your opponent (interrupting strikes) and safer than regular leg kicks versus checks."

For a full list of all the changes Patch 7.0 brings, visit the official UFC 4 website .

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