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EA puts ads in UFC 4, removes them after outrage

Published: 19:48, 06 September 2020
UFC 4 fighter entering the ring

Electronic Arts tried to cash their UFC 4 check in once more but they reverted the decision after the advertisements provoked the ire of the community.

Paying a AAA price for a game that has microtransactions is accepted as standard by some modern gamers and one would expect that would be the compromise that publishers would agree to. After all, the microtransactions are literally driving billions of revenue for these companies.

The obscene amounts of money made from selling games for $60 a pop along with additional revenue through microtransactions was not enough for EA as they attempted to suck a few bucks more out of the game. 

Namely, they decided to put adverts into UFC 4 in a patch that was conveniently released after the review period concluded. Needless to say, this boneheaded move provoked the players into a frenzy and all social media soon exploded in backlash over the decision.

In the case of Reddit, the post that brought the addition of commercials to light received over 90,000 upvotes which also meant that the thread reached the front page of the popular forum.

The video shows a brief pause between rounds which EA used to cram an advert for The Boys' second season in. 

It's not the topic of the advert that fans are mad about since the show has been well-received but the fact that the commercials started popping up a month after release to make sure that reviews don't reflect the problem along with the bait and switch that was pulled on paying customers.

Thankfully, it appears that the backlash had some effect as the company decided to pull the ads and EA released another vague statement where they once again didn't believe their shenanigans to be bad. Instead, they noted that it's not "abundantly clear" from the feedback that such additions are not welcome.

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