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UFC 4 gameplay trailer shows off revamped clinch, ground and pound

Published: 16:48, 21 July 2020
UFC 4 headliners
EA, UFC 4 headliners

UFC 4 has received a new gameplay trailer, showing off all the new and revamped features, such as clinch, ground and pound, takedowns, freshly polished control scheme and more.

"With more control in striking, Real Player Motion Technology elevating two-player grappling exchanges, the new submission system, and a devastating ground and pound overhaul, players will feel every phase of the fight EA SPORTS UFC 4 gameplay", the description reads.

UFC 4 aims to make a more realistic fluid experience, and it doesn't get more fluid than shockwave-sending kicks and punches. Granted, they do seem slightly overdone for effect compared to real life, but we're sure couch opponents won't mind - quite the contrary. 

In order to decrease the number of controls you need to perform simultaneously, EA implemented a new control scheme for UFC 4. Tapping buttons now performs quick moves, while holding it produces flashier and more devastating blows.

UFC 4 brings the separation of the clinch from the ground game, and thanks to RPM tech, allows for a range of close-up punches, kicks and takedown. 

Speaking of takedowns, player attributes and skill will produce a wider array of takedown outcomes. The added locomotion during takedowns is part of UFC 4, so skilled players can defend themselves throughout the attempt.

Ground and pound has been overhauled from whichever perspective you're looking at your opponent. Attackers get more tools to finish the fight, but defenders can counter them with head movement or well-timed counter transitions. 

UFC 4 brings two new minigames for choke and joint submissions, with the possibility to keep striking while doing so. You can transition to faster finishing positions, or go for height with high-impact slams, all of which should make UFC 4 a significant improvement over its predecessor.

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