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Ubisoft to finally diversify their games

Published: 15:09, 18 January 2020
Edward Kenway takes on a squad in Assassin's Creed: The Rebel Collection.
Tis a mighty dance of death. Now playable on the toilet!

Ubisoft are well aware of the not so successful period, largely thanks to Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Now it appears the company is taking steps to make their games diversified instead of feeling like shipping same games under different titles.

Each coin has two sides and Ghost Recon Breakpoint might just be the perfect example. The game's failure seems to have galvanised the efforts of creative minds in Ubisoft and opened the eyes of executives since the company is now actively seeking to make their games feel different instead of one game repackaged under different titles.

To be fair, Ubisoft's game have been feeling this way for quite some time but the newest Ghost Recon should be renamed into Turning Point, if the company's new efforts actually bear fruit. Namely, CEO Yves Guillemot set his mind on shuffling the creative process by adding more team members who will report to Serge Hascoet, the chief creative officer.

Up until now, the company would have one or two people affect all the Ubisoft games which is probably where the similarities stem from. After the reorganisation, there will be seven vice presidents with more autonomy than before but they will all still report to Hascoet, according to .

Whether this means Ubisoft will drop the huge open worlds as a requirement remains to be seen. Years will be needed to actually notice the changes from a player's perspective as all the games currently in the pipeline will follow the open-world mandate.

Ubisoft Picture of several SHD agents walking around in The Division 2 The Division 2 was not a failure but not that much of a success either apparently

However, this could be good news for Splinter Cell fans as there is no new game from the franchise that was announced yet. Should such a reveal happen in near future, it is possible we will get to enjoy Sam's exploits without having to needlessly grind menial tasks in an open but shallow world while being goaded into buying "time savers".

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