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Total War: Three Kingdoms gets first look at warlord Dong Zhuo

Published: 18:01, 07 March 2019
Creative Assembly
Medieval Chinese ground troups from Total War: Three Kingdoms
Total War: Three Kingdoms

Creative Assembly have released a trailer for Total War: Three Kingdoms that focuses on the notorious warlord Dong Zhuo and, as you'd expect, diplomacy with isn't what the ''resident bad guy of Three Kingdoms'' is about - it's fear.

Much like his historical counterpart, Total War: Three Kingdoms' Dong Zhuo rules with an iron fist, which led to his own unique currency - Intimidation.

The more ruthless your Total War: Three Kingdoms campaign is, meaning the more murdering and pillaging, the more Intimidation points you get.

Note that playing with Dong Zhuo in Total War: Three Kingdoms pretty much demands this play style anyway, as lack of Intimidation points leads to uprisings.

Of course, there's still a certain degree of diplomacy in the game, but in true Dong Zhuo style, it's mostly about coercing opponents into doing your bidding.

"You can use 30 Intimidation points from your currency to essentially force deals to go in your favour", Creative Assembly says.

Total War: Three Kingdoms' resident baddie can also execute any member of his faction, be it to make an example or to oppress revolts - an ability unique to him.

Also unique to Dong Zhou is the ability to raze cities in Total War: Three Kingdoms, just in case his bad boy status wasn't confirmed already.

Dong Zhou isn't all alone in Total War: Three Kingdoms though, as the Han Dynasty will act as a vassal and support him in the early stages with 20 per cent of everything they've got.

Choosing Dong Zhou in Total War: Three Kingdoms will also let players annex Han territory without penalties, all of which stems from the historical accounts that have Dong Zhou in control of child Emperor Xian.

Had Creative Assembly and Sega stuck to the earlier release schedule, Total War: Three Kingdoms would've launched today but the studio ultimately decided that the game needs more polish.

Creative Assembly picture showing gameplay from total war Total War: Three Kingdoms

Instead, the release date ended up being to 27 May 2019, which we really hope is the final release date for Total War: Three Kingdoms.


Total War Three Kingdoms, an iconic strategy by Creative Assembly

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Total War: Three Kingdoms

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