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Top five underrated sports games on iOS that you simply must play

Published: 16:10, 12 May 2019
Updated: 18:42, 13 May 2019
Halcyon Network
Player spinning the ball on his finger in Dunk Nation 3x3.
Dunk Nation 3x3 on iOS

We have put together a list of top five sports games on iOS that we believe you should play. All of our picks are absolute underdogs that have been overshadowed by the biggest names of the industry, but are still terrific games nonetheless.

Mobile gaming market has grown significantly over the last couple of years, with both iOS and Android offering a number of impressive titles from their ever expanding libraries.

Today, we want to look at the top five sports titles on iOS, and while there are some big industry names in this category, we will only focus on games that don't get enough spotlight but very much deserve so.

NBA 2K and Live, PES and FIFA, NFL, UFC and others are, of course, the first titles that come to mind when we think of sports games, be it mobile, console or PC, but we will not be mentioning any of these giants in our list, as it is time for some hidden gems to shine.

#5 Real Boxing 2 ROCKY

Step into the ring and hone the skills of the ever-exhilarating sport that is boxing with Real Boxing 2 ROCKY. Featuring a number of iconic names, such as Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago and Clubber Lang, the game is seriously fun to play, and thanks to Unreal Engine 4, it very much looks the part too.

The gameplay of Real Boxing 2 ROCKY features all the standard moves you need to become a champion. Performing jabs, hooks and uppercuts feels very satisfying as you progress with your fighter through an absolute abundance of matches in the game's strikingly long career mode.

Holding the swing button for a while and then letting loose when your boxing glove starts flashing is a treat in itself, but it's not a strategy that should be used too often as it is very easy to get knocked out whilst attempting the full power punch.

Vivid Games SA Blonde boxer about to land a punch on his opponent. Real Boxing 2 ROCKY

While it is somewhat difficult to convey the thrill of a boxing match through the limited controls of mobile screens, the game still manages to deliver a rather satisfying experience with its smart strength and stamina system. 

Fighting as either someone from the Rocky universe or as your own unique fighter is a genuine pleasure in any of the game modes of Real Boxing 2 ROCKY, and given the fact that it is completely free to play with some entirely optional in-game purchases, we have all the reason we need to strongly recommend this game to anyone who likes boxing games, or just fighting titles in general.

#4 Ultimate Tennis

Ultimate Tennis takes a completely arcade approach to tennis, and the result is an immensely fun game to play. The controls are pretty straightforward, and since it plays in portrait mode, player movement and skills can be performed with one hand only.

Make no mistake though, the controls may be simple, but the game still requires strategic thinking and swift reflexes.

The game features a number of different game modes players can choose from, with World Tour being the most impressive one. You control a single player from a team of three, and each player has his own special ability, aside from the regular tennis moves, such as lob and slice.

9M Interactive Three screenshots of Ultimate Tennis of iOS combined together. Ultimate Tennis

These special moves can be used once the power bar is completely filled and, if executed correctly, will serve as a powerful shot with 100 per cent accuracy. Because it takes a while for the special bar to fill, the super moves should best be reserved for clutch situations.

Boasting beautiful visuals and an impressive customization system for your players, Ultimate Tennis is sure to satisfy your cravings for this wonderful sport. Its World Tour mode and a PvP system called Arena are more than reason enough for us to give this game a well-deserving spot on our list.

#3 Dunk Nation 3x3

Take a break from NBA 2K and NBA Live for a minute and treat yourself to some wildly entertaining basketball action with Dunk Nation 3x3. This street basketball title sees players take part in 3-on-3 matches in an outdoor setting.

The controls of the game are fairly simple with buttons for offense and defense shown on the screen. These include the basic controls and moves in basketball, such as rebound, pass, shoot and even some dribble moves, like the iconic crossover.

Halcyon Network Player going for a lay-up in Dunk Nation 3x3. Dunk Nation 3X3

It's all very responsive which allows for some beautifully flowing gameplay, and thanks to the game's great visuals, Dunk Nation 3x3 is quite the package for all fans of the genre.

Featuring an engaging career mode that takes players through tournaments where they meet some new rivals and deepen the bonds with their teammates, as well as a full-on PvP mode with different formats of play, the game is an absolute must-play and is well deserving of its third place in our lineup.

#2 Turbo League

If you enjoy the concept of Rocket League, then you will surely love what Turbo League has to offer. The game is so deeply inspired by Rocket League that it can pretty much be described as Rocket League Mobile.

With its colourful visuals and very smooth performance even at ultra high settings, Turbo League is strikingly close to the real deal. Smashing into other cars and chasing after the enormous ball in hopes of scoring that game winning goal is an addictively fun experience, and this game manages to deliver the adrenaline fill almost flawlessly.

Zero Four LLC A Turbo League car on a grass field. Turbo League

The game offers two styles of play: solo if you want to practice in one of the many in-game arenas, or online if you want to engage with other players in some car-crashing mayhem. Being action-packed to the fullest with impressively quick matchmaking makes Turbo League an easy choice for those who like putting that pedal to the metal.

#1 Dream League Soccer 2019

It is, of course, natural that FIFA and PES get all the glory and fame when it comes to football games, be it on console, PC or mobile, but Dream League Soccer 2019 is a title that should by no means be overlooked.

Far more than just a mere point-to-shoot game, Dream League Soccer 2019 offers an amazing representation of football, right on the screen of your mobile phone. One of the most impressive things about this game is the fact that it features real life players, even the featured eleven who are selected every week based on their real life performance.

First Touch Games Featured players in Dream League Soccer 2019. Dream League Soccer 2019 - Featured players

The game also features a fantasy team system similar to that of Ultimate Team and MyClub, and it allows players to take full control of the team both on and off the pitch. Squad management, transfer system, different stadia are only some of the things that are fully implemented in this mode.

Shooting and passing are executed in a very simple manner thanks to the game's straightforward controls and the virtual analogue stick found on the left hand side of the screen.

First Touch Games Bradshaw about to shoot the ball in Dream League Soccer 2019. Dream League Soccer 2019

Scoring goals feels rewarding, and building up plays from the midfield or dribbling your way through the opposing team's defence requires genuine skill, so those who like themselves a challenge are sure to appreciate what this game has to offer.

Highly satisfying and extremely responsive gameplay together with an in-depth team management system with real life players make Dream League Soccer 2019 our favourite hidden gem among sports games on iOS.