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Todd Howard says Morrowind is best left as is, mods will do

Published: 18:38, 19 July 2018
Bethesda's Todd Howard photoshopped onto a Morrowind harpy

Okay firstly, there's a good to strong chance aliens have replaced Todd Howard with someone else. How else would you explain the man who brought you a million Skyrims saying that he actually isn't interested in remastering Morrowind.

But say it he did, as he discussed fan requests for remasters of their older games, most notably Bethesda's 2002 masterpiece Morrowind. "I'm happy that you can play Morrowind now on an Xbox One, as it's backwards compatible." 

He said that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo's respective backwards compatibility programs are letting people play older games "as they were played at the time", which he actually prefers over remasters. And I kid you not, the full quote is "I actually prefer that over remasters".

I happen to clearly recall firing up Morrowind for the first time. It was a gloomy affair. I mean the circumstances under which I played, not Morrowind - even though it's not really bustling with colour either. Whether depressing surroundings injected some much needed colour into Morrowind of mine, I could not tell, but it was a long lasting love affair that still occasionally returns for a fling.

So, it's a pickle - do you force people to play the original Morrowind, risking an experience ruined by archaic graphics, or just remaster the masterpiece and hope that you'll do a good enough job that the fans won't crucify you for it. Yeah, I force people to play games, sue me.

Todd, thankfully, thinks we should leave Morrowind alone and for once, I'm appreciative of his guidance. Moreover, his justification behind Skyrim remasters was that there was already work done on it and it was visually close to what the market currently needed, making the remaster an actually sensible idea.

Bethesda Screenshot from Bethesda's game Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Morrowind

For a true Morrowind old sod of a fan, perhaps it's even better not to see one of their favourites launching on baking ovens, Alexas, potatoes and whatever else they're running on. Vivec most certainly deserves better from mortals.

Until there is more money to be made with a Morrowind remaster, might as well check on some of the progress in the past 16 years.

You can find Todd Howard's full interview with the Guardian .

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