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The Battlefield V controversy isn't really about inclusivity

Published: 16:10, 04 June 2018
Updated: 21:09, 04 June 2018
Mock image of a part of Battlefield V trailer showing the characters driving away with money
Battlefield V goals

EA DICE have split their fans between those who will be deprived of WW2 authenticity in Battlefield V and those who praise their #battlefieldforeveryone slogan. In reality, the slogan will not do anyone a favour, except perhaps EA's sales.

Considering Battlefront 2 slightly blew up in both EA DICE and EA's faces, they have decided to drop the loot box system from Battlefield V in favour of rather ridiculous cosmetics.

Let's rewind that last statement a little bit. Didn't EA's own Blake Jorgensen say that they aren't going to make ridiculous things like pink Darth Vader, back in November 2017? Apparently it's absolutely unthinkable to alter Star Wars canon, but it's fine to portray one historical inaccuracy after another when it comes to World War 2. Probably because Disney would rip open a new one for anyone daring to alter their latest cash cow.

Oh right, they did mess up the Star Wars canon as well, since we can see Rey fighting Darth Vader and other such nonsense. Therefore it's easy to see that the absurdity of a pink Darth Vader was literally an excuse to defend loot boxes in Battlefront 2 and shows that the suits at EA actually care about canon as much as I care about traffic lights in GTA.

Destauch Image of a pink Darth Vader in Star Wars Battlefront 2 Pink Darth Vader by Destauch on Nexus Mods

EA didn't even bother to check if the excuse will hold up and they are about to repeat the same leaps of authenticity with Battlefield VThey are trying to sell British soldiers with katanas, female soldiers with mechanical arms and other nonsense as "features" under the guise of "battlefieldforeveryone".

EA DICE and EA now seem to be using political correctness as an excuse, in order to further their business goals of selling huge amounts of cosmetics that will absolutely annihilate any notion of historical accuracy. I would normally presume Battlefield V is just set in an alternate dimension of sorts since it's a game, but EA and EA DICE decided to obliterate that theory as well. EA says the which is a phrase popularised by Winston Churchill and widely used by the Allies and resistance organisations in particular during World War 2.

Konami Picture of Venom Snake holding up V for Victory Metal Gear did it before Battlefield

Pink Vader may have been an excuse, but EA have made it a proper backup plan, in case the cosmetics method in Battlefield V failed. They can literally just say "we told you so", but that still doesn't excuse them for going to the extremes of portraying a disabled person on the front lines or even worse - a British commando with a katana on his back.

The way EA DICE made these cosmetics gives Battlefield V the appearance of a super hero playground, rather than a World War 2 shooter. Now that I mention it, a "super hero playground" rings some bells.

EA DICE Screenshot of colourful but weird characters from Battlefield V Battlefield V super hero team, from left to right: Katana Commando, Female Terminator, Scrawny Kratos and Black Braveheart

The battle royale genre is certainly dominating gaming at the moment and Fortnite is wrecking the global video game market with its wild growth. Fortnite is also known for its zany art style, and even wackier cosmetics.

When you add the building aspect of the game into the battle royale, it starts feeling like a playground, and Fortnite's current season is superhero themed. Everyone suddenly seems to be remembering that shooters don't have to be made in a single, possibly mud-greyish colour, and absolutely adhere to realistic aesthetics to appeal to a broad audience.

Battlefield V will have a building component as well, it will have wacky customisation and it will certainly give World War 2 authenticity a berth wider than the Pacific Ocean. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who can see EA DICE are taking pages straight out of Epic Games' play book. One might possibly hope they are too original to pull such a move, but considering the "V for victory" was already used in Metal Gear series and their motto has suddenly become " ", it's hard to believe EA DICE are aiming for originality either.

AltChar Philosoraptor is pondering the ridiculousness of Bluehole's lawsuit Philosoraptor may be onto something

The apparent lack of any original ideas in Battlefield V is worrisome on its own, but it's even worse that they are hiding their attempts at still catching up to the bandwagon by claiming that this is #BattlefieldForEveryone. EA DICE are presenting themselves as a force for good that is looking to be as inclusive as possible, but all facts so far are pointing to them using the controversial topic to fill the coffers full of cash and that they care about being "inclusive" as much as they care about Star Wars canon.

If EA DICE's intentions were to "create games that are ", why didn't they include female characters in Battlefield 3, 4 and Hardline multiplayer modes? These games were set in modern times, where the number of female soldiers and law enforcement officers is higher than ever before, in the entire history of humankind. Simple answer - political correctness wasn't trending back then. If it's not trending, there isn't money to be made.

If EA DICE's intentions were always to " ", then why didn't they have a building component in previous games and why didn't any of the said games have these wacky customisation options? I mean the Bad Company series was a prime opportunity with its zany setting. Simple answer - Fortnite wasn't trending back then and there was no money to be made in that approach either.

EA DICE Player is holding a frag grenade that has a smiley face on its pin Battlefield Bad Company had silly aspects and we loved the game for it. Would have been perfect match for silly cosmetics

All of the mentioned circumstances point towards EA DICE's attempts at lining their pockets with money first, while posing as the white knights of modern society as a means to that end. There are no good intentions here, if they wanted to consult someone on being correct towards the feminist movement, they would have consulted someone more credible and decorated than . So why did EA DICE make that particular choice? Sheer force of exposure. More attention means more coin due to higher sales of Khajiit wares  EA video games.

That said, EA DICE have definitely managed to bring attention to their upcoming game, days before it will be shown off at EA Play. Their marketing campaign has proven successful in garnering attention so far, even though the potential player base has been polarised, bringing us back to the conclusion that there is no such thing as bad publicity for EA. In this case, Battlefield V's success will hinge on EA's ability to sell players a story about inclusivity and #BattleFieldForEveryone, while looking to pile up enough money to put Smaug's hoard to shame.


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