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Next Battlefield game with "never-before-seen scale" coming Holiday 2021, EA confirm

Published: 07:23, 06 November 2020
Battlefied Reboot artwork showing logo and release window
Battlefield Reboot artwork by AltChar

Dice are currently working on a new Battlefield game, which is scheduled to release sometime during holiday season in 2021. EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed first details about the game but the full reveal is coming Spring 2021.

EA's chief executive officer Andrew Wilson has once again confirmed that the next Battlefield title will release in the holiday season 2021, just like previously revealed by some insiders. Wilson shared first details about the long-awaited title, which should be set in the modern-day .

As expected, Dice are working on the next Battlefield game with "never-before-seen" scale. Thanks to the technical advancements of the new consoles, the team can now deliver on "a true next-gen vision for the franchise" according to Wilson.

Hands-on testing is already underway internally at EA and the feedback has been very positive for now. A lot more details about the next Battlefield will be shared in the spring when EA are probably planning a full reveal with a proper trailer and more.

Until then, guess we'll just have to wait and hope that reliable industry insiders spill the beans and give us some precious new info about the game. 

As you may know from previous leaks and rumours, the next Battlefield is designed with 128 players in mind and Dice are also considering a battle royale mode . The standard playlist will still be 32v32, though. 

All in all, it seems that the holiday season 2021 will bring us another epic battle between the two biggest shooter franchises - Call of Duty and Battlefield. Both 2021 instalments will reportedly be set in the modern-day and we cannot wait to see which one comes on top. 

Call of Duty has recently retaken the crown, thanks to 2019's Modern Warfare which is considered as one of the best Call of Duty games ever but Battlefield is making a big return, and it's safe to say EA and Dice aren't messing around anymore after a failure named Battlefield V.

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