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The Pathless promises unique blend of serenity and action

Published: 20:50, 06 August 2020
Giant Squid
The Pathless' protagonist and eagle make quite the team
The Pathless' protagonist and eagle make quite the team

Giant Squid, the studio you may know from their work on atmospheric adventure Abzu, have shown some gorgeous footage of The Pathless on Sony's State of Play.

"Become the Hunter, a master of archery who travels to a mystical island to dispel a curse of darkness that grips the world. Forge a connection with your eagle companion as you hunt corrupted spirits, but be careful to not become the hunted yourself", the description reads. 

Nevertheless, sticking to just the description really doesn't do The Pathless any justice, because Giant Squid have proven they're masters in setting the mood. 

The Pathless is, in fact, a peculiar marriage of calm and serene moments, interspersed with explosive fights and hectic chases of different spirits through the in-game world. 

Speaking of in-game worlds, The Pathless' world is as mysterious as it is beautiful, the credit for which is purely the developer's. The game will, of course, launch on PC and PlayStation 4, but it should be an even bigger blast to play on PS5, what with the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. 

As the dev already explained, the goal was to make The Pathless' protagonist quick and deadly, which why they opted for a timing-based aiming system. This enabled them to keep the tempo up when they need to do so, without having players trying to beat the matrix. 

Giant Squid The Pathless protagonist excels in jump shots The Pathless protagonist excels in jump shots

"In many games, it’s difficult to run while also lining up shots, so they often turn on slow-motion while you are moving quickly and aiming. We found a different, simple solution that allows you to keep moving at full speed while shooting targets, pulling off cool chains of bullseyes as you navigate", said the studio's founder Matt Nava.

The Pathless, adventure game by Abzu creators Giant Squid

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