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The Pathless is a new game from the creators of Abzu

Published: 20:51, 07 December 2018
Giant Squid
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The Pathless

The team behind critically acclaimed adventure Abzu have revealed their new project dubbed The Pathless. It's a mythic adventure rooted in Giant Squid's artistic and atmospheric style that follows an archer named Hunter to a cursed island.

One of the most beautiful games announced at The Games Awards 2018 was Giant Squid's new project The Pathless. The studio founded by Journey's former art director Matt Nava revealed a trailer for their new game and shared more information about the game on PlayStation's blog.

The Pathless is an adventure game that follows the story of a skilled archer named Hunter, who explores a mysterious cursed island with an eagle companion. As you progress through the game, you'll discover ancient ruins, hunt prey, fight dangerous spirits and even form a bond with your eagle friend.

Nava said they wanted to take a different approach with combat mechanics and make it as fluid as possible. "We wanted to make cool trick shots effortless while you run, jump, and even glide with the help of your eagle," Nava said and added that they steered clear of the path most games take, i.e. introduce the slow-motion gimmick.

"In many games, it’s difficult to run while also lining up shots, so they often turn on slow-motion while you are moving quickly and aiming. We found a different, simple solution that allows you to keep moving at full speed while shooting targets, pulling off cool chains of bullseyes as you navigate", he concluded.

Just like Giant Squid's debut game Abzu, The Pathless will also be heavily focused on atmosphere and connection between the players and the game's world. The studio improved the technology behind Abzu to create an even bigger world with gorgeous graphics.

Giant Squid picture showing a character in woods The Pathless

We don't have a specific release date for The Pathless but the game will launch in 2019 for PC and PlayStation 4. At the moment, the PC version is listed on the Epic Games Store, with the remaining distribution platforms to be announced.

You can read more about The Pathless on PlayStation .

The Pathless, adventure game by Abzu creators Giant Squid

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