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The Medium trailer reveals tonnes of stuff about the game

Published: 22:46, 23 July 2020
Bloober Team
The Medium cover
Medium between worlds

With the new trailer for The Medium dropping, we got our first glimpse at the dual reality aspect the game will feature, and the game looks as awesome as it is terrifying.

Today, during the Xbox Games Showcase, the trailer for Bloober Team's newest title, The Medium, showed how the Dual Reality gameplay will look and what it will entail.

The game will play out across two realities, playing in both the spirit world and the real world at the same time. This will allow players to explore inaccessible areas, interacting with objects from both realities and using them to alter the other reality.

A great example of that was shown in the gameplay showcase, demonstrating how rewinding the clock hands in the real world affects the time in the spirit world, or how the out of body experience can access areas of the spirit world and directly affect parts of the real world.

Both the trailer and the gameplay showcase did a great job at demonstrating the absolute terrifying atmosphere that the game is aiming for.

With ambient sounds, setting, and the main monster, all being perfectly orchestrated to not give away the surprise, but give away just enough to instil the feeling of dread players will surely be experiencing.

But the atmosphere of the game is not the only impressive thing shown during the event, the level of detail in the gameplay showcase was at a staggering level.

This is likely indicative of the level of polish the game will have upon its release. And thanks to the new generation console specs the X Box Series X is bringing to the table, the game will most likely have one of the most visually pleasing horror game experiences to date.

Bloober Team The Medium trailer screenshot Two worlds, one mystery

The Medium is a work of love that managed to resurface after more than eight years of sitting dormant since its first announcement in 2012, made by a devoted team known for producing quality horror games.

To add to that, it takes inspiration from the classics that defined the horror game genre and made it into what it is today, all those factors combined shows an unbelievable amount of promises the game's future holds.

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