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The Initiative's AAA game could release in episodic format; stories set in the same universe

Published: 14:21, 03 December 2020
Matthew Hart Artstation
Perfect Dark concept showing a female character
Perfect Dark concept by Matthew Hart

One of the biggest yet to be announced Xbox first-party games comes from The Initiative, who are working on a game that could release in episodic format, according to Xbox insiders.

Xbox Game Studios are currently working hard on several major projects and one of the biggest games that will release on Microsoft's new console in the near future is being developed by the newly-formed studio The Initiative. 

Sadly, The Initiative are yet to officially announce the game but we know it could be a third-person Perfect Dark game , though take this with a grain of salt, since it's not confirmed by the devs.

Today, we have a couple of new details about The Initiative's project, which could release in an episodic format according to Xbox insiders hosting the Xbox Era podcast (1:45:50). They compare the game to Netflix's TV series Black Mirror and its format.

"All those episodes of Black Mirror are linked to each other, they take place within the same universe. When I talked about The Initiative's game, I'm not saying it's exactly like Black Mirror, but it has that Black Mirror-like aspect to it."

"I know the word episodic has been thrown around," insider Shpeshal Ed said about the game.

The Initiative The Initiative logo on background showing sunset and beach The Initiative are Microsoft's AAAA studio

However, they also made it clear that The Initiative's games will not be similar to Sony's blockbuster third-person action adventures such as The Last of Us Part II or God of War. Shpeshal Ed  says in the podcast that he thinks the game will not be accepted well.

"I don't think the internet is going to react very well to it. This is gonna be bad, a level of bad where people give up on Xbox Game Studios. Fanboys are gonna get really upset," he said in the podcast.

Ed reiterated that this is just his opinion and prediction so keep that in mind before you get disappointed. Also, these are just rumours and speculation, nothing official. It's possible that The Initiative's game turns out to be something completely different. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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