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Rumoured Perfect Dark is a third-person stealth game, plays similar to Splinter Cell

Published: 09:21, 07 December 2020
artwork showing joanna dark and the initiative logo
The Initiative's first game is rumoured to be a Perfect Dark title

According to the latest rumours, The Initiative's big project is a third-person stealth game, which will have episodic releases. The game will apparently be revealed at The Game Awards.

Rumours about The Initiative's first title are picking up the pace in the last weeks. First, Xbox Era hosts revealed last week that the game could be released in episodic format, comparing the title to Netflix's TV series Black Mirror, which features standalone stories that are set in the same universe, in some way. 

Today, we have a new rumour which reveals a couple of interesting details about the gameplay and how these episodes will be released. However, you should take this with a huge grain of salt since it's coming from an anonymous source who posted the details on 4chan.

The rumour  states that The Initiative's game is Perfect Dark, episodic third-person stealth title with optional co-op. Apparently, the game will be announced at The Game Awards. As for the gameplay, it plays similar to Splinter Cell with its own twists. 

The leaker claims that the trailer song will be No Church in the Wild by Kanye West while the Volume One will release on Christmas eve, completely free on Game Pass.

Matthew Hart Artstation Perfect Dark concept showing a female character Perfect Dark concept by Matthew Hart

To be completely honest, it sounds a bit unrealistic that the release date is set just a couple of weeks after the official reveal, especially for a game of such scope. Of course, this is not entirely impossible and it could be a surprise reveal from Microsoft but we really doubt this will be the case unless the release is set for Christmas 2021, which is also unlikely. 

All in all, as we already said, take this with a dose of scepticism, since it does not really sound legit and it's coming from the anonymous user at 4chan, where most of these rumours are usually fake. 

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