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Xbox would love to make another Killer Instinct game but it's not that simple

Published: 08:39, 08 February 2021
Killer Instinct screenshot showing two fighters in a fight
Killer Instinct

According to Xbox insiders and content creators, Microsoft would love to create another Killer Instinct game but there's a catch, no Xbox Game Studios developers are currently available to make it.

It's safe to say that Microsoft are laying on a pile of IPs, which are waiting to be revived. There's plenty of games in the company's catalogue that many fans would love play again but with modern gameplay mechanics and visuals and Microsoft are, of course, considering brining some of these franchises back.

One of them in the beloved fighting title Killer Instinct, which was rebooted in 2013 but sadly, Microsoft never really followed up with a proper sequel. However, it's possible that the publisher are looking into the possibility of bringing the franchise back, according to several Xbox insiders.

According to reliable sources for Xbox, Windows Central editor Jez Corden and content creator Rand al Thor 19, Microsoft would love to do another Killer Instinct but it looks like there's no available developer to make it at this moment. 

"I know Microsoft wants to do Killer Instinct, it's not like they didn't want there to be a sequel, it's just that they had nobody to make it, at least that's what I was told," Rand al Thor said during the Xbox Two podcast .

Jez Corden also mentioned that he has heard similar stuff from his own sources. "I was told that there's just not a developer available to make the game."

Microsoft Killer Instinct screenshot showing combat Killer Instinct

Just with like any other leak, rumour or unconfirmed info, we suggest you take these details with a dose of scepticism, since the report does not comes from Microsoft's official channels. That being said, Jez and Rand are reliable sources for all things Xbox and it would not surprise us if Microsoft are indeed looking to bring the franchise back.

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