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Rumour: The Coalition are working on Perfect Dark multiplayer

Published: 16:18, 23 December 2020
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An Xbox Game Studios leak which originally surfaced back in May has seemingly turned out to be true. It claims that The Initiative's Perfect Dark title will have a multiplayer, which is developed by The Coalition.

After many leaks and rumours, Xbox and their AAAA studio The Initiative finally announced Perfect Dark game at the Game Awards show a couple of weeks ago. We got to see a cinematic teaser trailer for the game and it's safe to say Xbox fans have the hype train at full speed already.

We didn't get a lot of details about the game but thanks to a certain leak from May 2020, we know that the game could feature a multiplayer mode. The leak, which re-surfaced lately online since it was pretty much spot on with everything apart from the reveal dates, claims that Gears of War franchise developer The Coalition are working on a multiplayer for Perfect Dark. 

The leak states that Perfect Dark is currently targeting late 2022 or early 2023 release date and will be one of the biggest Xbox Series X exclusives, which is not that surprising since The Initiative are one of the hottest Xbox first-party studios.

 Of course, just like any other leak or rumour, take this with a grain of salt since it's not coming from the official channels. That being said, everything that is included in the leak has been correct apart from the reveal dates as we mentioned above. Exciting times for Xbox fans to say the least.

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