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The Initiative are working on a third person Perfect Dark game

Published: 08:07, 26 August 2020
Matthew Hart Artstation
Perfect Dark concept showing a female character
Perfect Dark concept by Matthew Hart

According to reliable Jeff Grubb, The Initiative's secret project is a third-person Perfect Dark game, just like earlier rumours and leaks suggested. The game is apparently one of Microsoft's biggest projects for Xbox Series X.

Rumours about the next Perfect Dark game have been floating around the gaming forums and social media for a while now but Microsoft are yet to officially confirm if Joanna Dark is set to return for a brand new adventure. 

Leaks suggest that the game is set in a Perfect Dark universe and features camera surveillance systems and various gadgets. Microsoft even teased the game a couple of times by saying that The Initiative's new project is doing "new things and old things in new ways".

Another strong confirmation of these rumours comes from a reliable VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, who joined the chat in the latest Kinda Funny Games podcast. When the hosts started talking about The Initiative studio and their secret title, Grubb revealed a couple of interesting details in the chat.

Microsoft Perfect Dark screenshot showing a character with futuristic headset Perfect Dark

"It means perfect dark, y'all," he wrote. When asked if the game is third person, Grubb simply replied that it is indeed a third person Perfect Dark game. The hosts then added that Microsoft would not want to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on such a franchise since it would be a really risky gamble but Grubb once again confirmed that they are actually doing it. "They are, it's Perfect Dark," he commented in the Twitch chat.

You can check out the video here , the interesting part regarding Perfect Dark starts at 44:12.

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