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The founder of Quantic Dream is teasing something big in 2021

Published: 17:37, 10 January 2021
Quantic Dream
A 3D modeled male character in front of a neon sign
Detroit: Become Human

The founder of Quantic Dream Studios, and the creative brain behind interactive adventures such as Beyond Two Souls and Detroit Become Human, David Cage, tweeted that we can expect a lot of exciting news in 2021.

The year 2021 could be very good for gaming. Developers have already started teasing about their unannounced projects. The founder and CEO of Quantic Dream, David Cage - the mastermind behind some of the most-memorable QTE (quick-time event) games like Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and recently released Detroit: Become Human, has just posted a big tease that something exciting is going to be revealed in 2021.

David Cage poster earlier today on his Twitter :


I wish you good health, passion, inspiration, fun, friends, love, hope, and all the things we missed so much in 2020. 2021 should an exciting year for Quantic Dream and our community. 

We are impatient to tell you more! 

Quantic Dream artwork showing characters from heavy rain, beyond two souls and detroit become human Quantic Dream games

After a long partnership with Sony, the video game developer from Paris will release games for other platforms as well, not just the PlayStation. Their last game Detroit: Become Human (2018) has also come out for PC, and it is likely that the unannounced game that Mr Cage is teased will be multiplatform.

As their specialty is making interactive games with a lot of QTE moments and a great emphasis on emotions, we can expect something similar in the future.

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