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Quantic Dream will no longer work on PlayStation exclusives only

Published: 12:17, 30 January 2019
Quantic Dream
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Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream have partnered up with NetEase, the latter of which acquired a minority stake in the developer company. The investment apparently allowed the creators of Detroit: Become Human to branch out to other platforms in the future.

Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human are two of the most well-known games developed by Quantic Dream and both were limited to PlayStation platforms. This will not be the case in the future as the studio will apparently return to developing games for other platforms, after an investment by NetEase.

VentureBeat revealed this information through an with Quantic Dream's co-CEOs David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumiére, where they inquired about the stake NetEase holds and the future plans. According to Cage, NetEase has taken a minority share in Quantic Dream, in exchange for an investment that allowed the developers to "prepare for the next generation of platforms".

Apparently, the investment will not only help Quantic Dream situate themselves on the next PlayStation and Xbox generation but also other platforms. Cage continued his statement by saying that they want to keep developing games in the genre they pioneered, likely referring to the interactive adventure games with heavy emphasis on emotional stories, and expand their audience by "being present on all platforms" hinting that PC and Xbox users may see some games directed by David Cage in the future.

Quantic Dream will remain an independent studio, with Cage stating that they had several partnership offers they turned down due to liking NetEase's proposition the most, quoting the Chinese giant's investments in Bungie and Second Dinner as the events that helped with decision making. Their creative thought will allegedly resume in the same manner it operated in so far, as NetEase's vision goes hand in hand with that of Quantic Dream.

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There is still no word on Quantic Dream's future projects, but the interview did bring up the studio size, to which Cage stated they have about 150 full-time employees, which is fewer than the 180 listed on Wikipedia at the time of writing. This hints that some developers either left the studio or were let go, which is not a major surprise considering there was a lot of controversy about workplace ethics in 2018.

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Detroit: Become Human
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