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Heavy Rain developer are not exclusive to PS4 anymore

Published: 07:14, 13 August 2019
Quantic Dream
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Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream are looking to release their new games on multiple platforms including PC and Xbox One. Founder David Cage said that the studio is not exclusive to any platform anymore.

After announcing an exclusive partnership with Epic Games Store to bring their three most recent games to PC, Quantic Dream are looking to release all of their upcoming games on multiple platforms including PC and Xbox One.

In the latest interview, Quantic Dream founder Co-CEO David Cage talked about the studio's exclusivity which saw Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human release on Sony's platforms only.

Cage said that their relationship with Sony has been largely symbiotic and that the company has always been very supportive of Quantic Dream's work. The studio openly talked about releasing their catalogue of games on PC, which Sony allowed.

Furthermore, Quantic Dream now have big plans for the future with their multiplatform strategy. According to Cage, the studio aim to "become a champion of originality and high quality, while providing tech and industrial support."

When asked about the upcoming projects, Cage said that the studio are not exclusive to any platform anymore, meaning that unless there are some specific exclusivity deals on a title-by-title basis, all Quantic Dream games will be released on all platforms at launch.

One of the biggest reasons why the developer ended their partnership with Sony was so they could work on multiple games at the same time. Unfortunately, Cage did not mention when can we expect these titles or what exactly is the studio working on at the moment.

Until they decide to release more details about their upcoming games, PC players can look forward to the studio's latest game - Detroit: Become Human - which is set to release on the Epic Games Store later this year.

Quantic Dream Android character from the game Detroit: Become Human Detroit: Become Human

At the moment, two Quantic Dream titles are available on the Epic Games Store. You can get Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls who were added exclusively to the store earlier this year.

Detroit: Become Human Gallery

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Detroit: Become Human
Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human in all its beauty.

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