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Three Quantic Dream games coming to PC as Epic Store exclusives

Published: 19:16, 20 March 2019
Quantic Dream
Detroit: Become Human

Epic Games have announced that PlayStation 4 exclusives Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are coming to PC and they will be available exclusively on Epic Store. The release date is scheduled for later this year.

During its GDC 2019 Unreal keynote, Epic Games have announced that three most recent Quantic Dream's games are coming to PC, and will be available exclusively on Epic Store. 

The partnership with Quantic Dream that will bring Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain to Master Race is certainly one of the biggest deals that Epic Games have announced since the launch of their own store. 

In their announcement, Epic and Quantic Dreams said that all three PC ports are scheduled to be released later in 2019, and each title will be sold exclusively in the Epic Games store for one year. At the moment, there is no confirmation if Epic are directly funding the development of PC versions, or if they just paid for the distribution of the games.

While the news will come as shock to some, those who closely followed Quantic Dreams lately will remember that the company revealed earlier this year, that their future projects will come to multiple platforms, as their long-running partnership with Sony had come to an end.

While the PC ports of PS4 exclusives is certainly the biggest announcement from Epic's GDC keynote, the company also talked about other plans for Epic Store that include games from Ubisoft's back catalogue. According to Epic, some of these games will come to Epic free games program.

Furthermore, Epic said that they are extending their partnership with Ubisoft to bring even more upcoming games to Epic Store. These games will also release on Uplay, and more details will be shared by Ubisoft in the near future.

Quantic Dream Protagonist of Heavy Rain holding a match looking into the camera Heavy Rain

And finally, another two big upcoming titles that will be exclusive to Epic Store are The Outer Worlds and Control. Obisidian's much-anticipated RPG will not release on Steam and the same goes for Remedy Entertainment's action-adventure.

For more details about the exclusive partnerships, you can watch on YouTube.

Detroit: Become Human Gallery

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Detroit: Become Human
Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human in all its beauty.

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