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Prey will have an hour long demo before launch, but not on PC

Published: 20:09, 12 April 2017

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will have exclusive access to an hour long demo for Pray on 27 April 2017. No word yet from Bethesda or Arkane about a PC demo.

No PC demo for Prey can't be a good sign. The game is being the developed by Arkane Studios, the same team behind Dishonored 2's tragically broken PC launch. The demo will be available one week ahead of the scheduled launch on 5 May 2017 and will grant console players the privilege of sampling the game's first hour.

Arkane Prey Prey

Shortly after Dishonored 2 launched last year, some Arkane higher ups were boasting, during a , about how Prey's PC performance will be nothing like the mess of a release their previous game experienced on the platform. That was 4 months ago. The absence of any announcement of a PC demo does not fill us with confidence.

Coupled with Bethesda's recent policy of giving out review copies uselessly close to a games actual release date, this is cause for concern if you were planning to get the game for PC, or were careless enough to pre-order it. If you did pre-order, maybe you still have time to consider your purchase.

Arkane Prey Prey

This doesn't necessarily mean that Prey's will be another minor disaster from a performance standpoint, because it will run on the CryEngine, as opposed to Dishonored 2's modified version of idTech5. Bethesda might also decide to release a PC demo after all.

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