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The Division's upcoming update will nerf Striker's Battlegear set

Published: 18:15, 17 August 2018
A great player in The Division is showcasing the Vulcan mask.
The Division - Vulcan mask.

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have announced update 1.8.3 for The Division, which will bring several balance changes but the best among them are definitely the PvP nerfs for Classified and regular sets of Striker's Battlegear.

Everyone has been waiting for Striker's Battlegear nerfs, everyone knew they were coming and here they finally are. Nerf to the four-piece bonus is slightly less significant, as it will only be the EMP change. EMP bombs always paused Striker stacks from going up, but they also stopped players from losing the stacks by missing shots for the duration of the EMP effect. This is no longer the case and stacks can go down even while under the EMP effect.

Classified Striker's Battlegear got a harder hit though. Now it will only generate one per cent additional damage per hit, on top of the EMP effect that carries over from the four-piece bonus. The healing gained with the stacks from six-piece bonus will also be reduced, but the exact number change has not been specified and we will only know when the update goes live on Thursday, 23 August 2018.

Now, it was always the PvP community that complained about Striker's Battlegear, PvE folks loved the set ever since it was introduced and this is where the best part comes - the nerfs mentioned above will apply only to agents inside Dark Zone, Skirmish and Last Stand where PvP is predominant.

will address several other issues and bring some bug fixes, with Showstopper being the highlight. Console players have been complaining about third party software usage which allowed users to shoot this shotgun at obscene fire rates and they shouldn't be able to do so any longer once the update lands.

Ubisoft A screenshot of The Division showing an agent with a Tao mask. The Division - Tao mask

Another abuse in PvP was the Master mod for the lunchbox, otherwise known as the Healing Station. People would just put it down and immediately destroy it to gain a burst of healing, but this will no longer work as the healing will scale based on how long the lunchbox was deployed.

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