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The Division Public Test Server adds new Global Events

Published: 20:15, 09 March 2018
The Division PTS in white letters in an orange circle.
The Division PTS

The Division is getting new updates soon, as per Ubisoft's promise. New content is already live on the Public Test Server, but only on PC. This seems to be a big update as not all changes were implemented immediately.

The Division 1.8.1 update may not be as massive as 1.8 but it will definitely bring a lot of new content with it. The two new Global Events are named Blackout and Onslaught and they will have their own unique rewards. Forty new commendations have also been added to the game.

Global Event 5 - Blackout's modifiers seem to be giving more advantage to players than the hostiles. The always active ''Blackout'' modifier will make the players' bullets do more damage and stun enemies. Shooting and running will build a Charge meter that will increase these effects. Extreme and Total Blackout modifiers will further buff these bonuses if you stick close to your allies and kill your enemies at point blank range.

Ubisoft Screenshot from The Division showing three agents looking all cool in their gear. The Division - Yup, close enough.

Global Event 6 - Onslaught's modifier will make your guns randomly inflict Burning, Bleeding and Gas effects in addition to normal damage. These effects change when you reload. Savage Onslaught will make enemies vulnerable to one type of those effects and resistant to others. They will deal more damage if you have ammo in your magazine that they are resistant to. Brutal Onslaught gives you damage bonus for your next clip when two or more friendlies kill a vulnerable enemy.

Amherst's Apartment and Grand Central Station are the missions that have the Legendary mode now. Previously announced loot changes such as specific Global Event Caches and increased drop rates are also on the PTS and are expected to go live in April or the end of March. Division Tech changes will be applied at the same time.

Ubisoft The House is the new crown jewel of The Division's armory. The Division new exotic weapon - The House

Update 1.8.1 will also introduce a plethora of bug fixes, and while most are more than welcome, there is one that makes me sad. When Global Event Strike is active, there is a bug that allows you to kill Joe Ferro in his spawning room. It will be gone after the update goes live and you will have to rain over 9000 bullets to kill him.

Full list of changes can be seen on JokerUnique's reddit , as per usual.

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