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The Division has a major problem with Global Event leaderboards

Published: 20:06, 30 April 2018
Updated: 22:10, 30 April 2018
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The Division

The Division's Global Event Blackout has been running for seven days now and the numbers on its leaderboards are growing out of proportions. Players are rightfully worried about their standings as they may not earn the vanity rewards.

As you probably know by now, each Global Event has a vanity set tied to it. The set is distributed after the event's conclusion and the number of items from the set you receive is determined by your standing on the Global Event leaderboards, which is in turn determined by the highest number of GE Credits you accumulated in one hour timeframe during the event.

Players can reach 6.000 to 10.000 with regular mission running depending on which activity they're farming and how well their team is clicking. A well organised team can run through a legendary mission in about 10 minutes but there are other means of generating a high number of GE Credits in a small time period.

Groups can go through a mission and leave the boss alive and when they do it in four or five different activities, they just go on a reaping run, finish the boss and cap their GE Credit wallet in less than half an hour, leaving some time for a few other runs to maximise the GE Credit gain until the timer runs out. Now even this hardcore farming can barely bring you 16.000 GE Credits in an hour that you would need to enter the Tier 2 leaderboard rewards.

Now, even if by some miracle players do manage to get into Tier 2, they're not going to get the full vanity set despite their best attempts and well oiled legendary mission runs. They would need to get in Tier 3 for that, and at this point it's not going to happen. Consult the image below on the "why" of things.

Ubisoft Global Event Blackout leaderboards in The Division are full of cheaters The Division leaderboards

The number one player on leaderboards has accumulated 81.195 GE Credits in one hour. This was possible only two ways - or Survival cache hoarding. Now, people on reddit have even done on how many GE Credits someone can accumulate with cache hoarding, but even then it didn't come event close to the Tier 3 holders. 

It is evident that some blatant cheating is happening and the cheaters are denying the regular players the rewards they worked hard to get. It is now high time for the Global Event vanity system to be changed in order to ignore the leaderboards.

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