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The Division introduces specialized Global Event Caches and doubles Classified gear drops

Published: 21:52, 03 March 2018
Poster for Tom Clancy's The Division showing three SHD agents about to enter a subway tunnel.
The Division

Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft are about to roll out an update that doubles chances of Classified gear drops and enables you to buy set specific Global Event Caches at the GE Vendor. RNG just got kicked in the nuts.

Double drop chance for Classified gear is kind of self explanatory, but in case you weren't aware before - the drop chance from different caches and bosses was 3 per cent and now it's up to 6 per cent. Legendary missions and Season Pass supply drops are an exception to this rule, as Legendary missions will have a 20 per cent drop rate while supply drops will be at 10 per cent.

Supply drops will also yield 100 Division Tech when you open the crate. Sounds a little bit pay to win but it is really not, as the update really reduced Division tech rarity. Daily Assignments will now award you with 25 Division Tech each while Weekly Assignments now award 100 Division Tech. Gear Score enthusiasts rejoice.

Ubisoft The Division screenshot showing the game's tutorial explaining how the Optimization Station works. The Division - Capping the Gear Score has never been so easy.

Completing your sets will now be a lot easier, as you will now be able to buy Global Event caches that target a specific set. So now when you want that sixth piece to complete your Striker's set you can buy a cache that drops only Striker's gear. Note that you can still get duplicate parts of your chosen set, but all other sets will be excluded from the loot pool of your chosen cache.

You will also be able to purchase a new Classified cache even when no Global Events are active. This one will have all gear sets in its drop pool but it will be guaranteed to drop a piece of classified gear. It will cost you 2500 Phoenix Credits.

Ubisoft The Division screenshot showing an armored SHD agent next to a gas station with its gas prices listed on the side. The Division - In other news, Ubisoft have decided to raise gas prices to compensate for giving classified away for Phoenix Credits.

To top everything off, the exotic weapons you can buy from vendors will no longer be part of the loot pool. The exotic vendor will now be their only natural habitat. World bosses couldn't drop some exotics before but now they will. Now just to get myself Big Alejandro and Showstopper.

If you're itching for some Global Event farming you can check the schedule for the month long events .

The Division

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