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The Culling relaunch will require recurring payments just to play

Published: 10:22, 13 May 2020
A large building with the sign The Culling: Origins
The Culling: Origins

Xaviant continue with dubious decision making as the first two attempts at The Culling didn't work out well and now they are relaunching the first game but will require additional payments, potentially for each match.

The Culling launched in 2016 with some promise but the game was eventually shut down and a sequel appeared. Just in case you are not familiar with what happened to that one, it is enough to say that the shutdown was announced eight days after release .

Now, Xaviant are back with an attempt to relaunch the original game which was obviously more popular than the ill-fated sequel but they apparently decided to kill it even before launch.

One might think that sentence sounds too dramatic but the monetisation model should corroborate. The Culling: Origins will launch one Xbox One on May 14, with the price tag of $5.99 which will vary based on your geographical location.

However, that is only the price of admission for one game per day. Yes, it's a battle royale that you pay for and only get one match a day. In order to play more matches in the same day, you will have to dish out more money, depending on how you want to pay. For example, $0.99 will net you three additional games or you can subscribe for a week at the price of $1.99. You can consult the table below for full pricing.

Quantity or duration Prices for purchasing a limited number of matches Prices for time-limited pass for any number of matches
Three matches $0.99 X
10 matches $2.99 X
20 matches $4.99 X
One week pass X $1.99

One month pass X $5.99

Match winner gets one match token for free but it's a battle royale so it's not hard to do the math here.

The Culling: Origins would have trouble going up against Warzone, Fortnite and PUBG as it is but with this monetisation model it seems like it will beat the shut down record set by The Culling 2.

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