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The Culling 2 shutdown announced, eight days after release

Published: 12:30, 19 July 2018
Xaviant Games
Picture of a girl aiming down her sniper rifle's sights
The Culling 2

Xaviant Games pulled The Culling 2 from all store shelves, including Steam, PS Network and Microsoft Store. Xaviant's Director of Operations, Josh Van Veld, addressed the situation in a video and offered details on what's next for them.

There seems to be a competition on who gets to release the biggest failure these days and the winner is the one whose failure beat CliffyB's LawBreakers and Radical Heights by the largest margin. The new record holder is Xaviant with The Culling 2 which lasted for eight days before the studio announced they are pulling it off the shelves, in favour of focusing on the first game.

One of the reasons is definitely poor reception, since The Culling 2 only managed to get on PC, which is only about a half of what even Earthfall, a game whose future doesn't look too bright either, managed to amass. Not everything is gloomy and doomy though.

In the video above, Van Veld stated that they are working together with Valve, Sony and Microsoft to refund the money to any players who already purchased the game. Even though The Culling 2 was dead on arrival, at least it arrived, unlike Star Citizen. Everyone who invested money so far will get refunds, once again, unlike the .

Xaviant also announced they are going back to day one version of The Culling which was actually well received back in 2016. The game is kind of dead these days, but the drop happened gradually as the developers kept pushing changes no one wanted. Van Veld stated that they are taking a different approach this time around, giving more consideration to player feedback.

Xaviant Games Picture of two weirdos with masks holding suppressed pistols The Culling 2

Therefore, players who felt cheated out of a game they actually liked will also get their wish, although about two years late. They will be able to download the game in the build it was deployed originally. This might just turn to be the most wonderful death of a game in the history of the industry.

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