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The Culling: Origins launches on Steam today as a free to play

Published: 14:00, 14 September 2018
A large building with the sign The Culling: Origins
The Culling: Origins

It didn't take Xaviant long to recuperate after the launch of The Culling 2 turned into a flopping fiasco as the company announced that The Culling: Origins launches today on Steam as a free-to-play title that replaces the original game.

Running with the slogan "Battle Royale is back", The Culling: Origins will be rewarding all the players who bought The Culling with the Original Gagster founder's pack. Considering that the game's Steam reviews are filling up fast with enthusiastic fans who've since left for greener pastures, Xaviant have every reason to be optimistic.

The Culling: Origins will be looking to recapture the mojo of old by integrating the mechanics and systems from its pre-predecessor with more modern features, starting with graphics of course. This means that airdrops, perks, combat and overall gameplay will be identical to what made The Culling stand out of the battle royale crowd.

As for the new features, The Culling: Origins will add XP, levelling, leaderboards, cull crates, cosmetics, weapons, skill-based matchmaking and voice chat. The dev promises there's much more to come though, even if that is likely to depend on the playerbase.

Xaviant wrote in their announcement that some systems are brand new but have been basically developed with the community via discussion and surveys. One of these are wounds, which are pretty self explanatory and while they didn't provide any details as of yet, it won't be long until we can see for ourselves.

After a pretty rough patch that saw the company with The Culling 2, which was described by many as nothing but a quick-cash-grab, Xaviant is finally listening to the community. They conceded that everything that made The Culling special was "eventually sanded down over the course of many updates."

Xaviant A drone flying towards a player in The Culling: Origins The Culling: Origins

The Culling: Origins launches at 12pm EDT / 5pm CET, one hour from the time of writing. You can find out more details and read about Xaviant's plans for supporting the game , while the game's Steam page can be found . If it still says The Culling - wait a little longer then.

The Culling: Origins, Xaviant's return to the winning formula

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The Culling: Origins

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