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The Culling 2 picks a horrible time to launch - what playerbase?

Published: 19:12, 12 July 2018
A player holding an axe in The Culling 2 waiting behind a corner
The Culling 2

I'm not really sure what sort of suicidal behaviour drove Xaviant to launch The Culling 2 at the time when Fortnite's Season 5 hype was in full swing, but the developer is sure paying for it now with a literally non-existent playerbase.

Okay, it's not really non-existent, there seems to be one persistent fan of The Culling 2 and he must be feeling like an African rhino by now. Occasionally, this playerbase increases by 100 per cent, which is statistically correct and definitely sounds better than saying there's two of them.

The Culling 2 officially launched on 10 July 2018, which is about the time when Epic's Season 5 teasing was in full swing. I'm not entirely sure how anyone would pull such a blunder because by now, even the senile know Fortnite's . I honestly think you barely need a PR department for that.

Xaviant's game has actually enjoyed its peak population of 249 players right after the game launched. SteamCharts further reveals that by the morning of 11 July 2018, The Culling 2 had a single player, which is probably the company's account or something.

Having said that, this is not a laugh at someone's expense, because there's plenty to be said about The Culling 2 and even more about its predecessor. The Culling was actually a promising game, until the dev had its way with it and ruined it beyond recognition.

However, if you go to The Culling's Steam , you'll actually find a group of fans who still remember what this battle royale game could have been. Their testimonies are pretty sad, since they clearly show that the developer does not share their love for the game.

Xaviant Two armed men running away from a bridge in The Culling 2 The Culling 2

The Culling 2, on the other hand, is getting even worse reviews, many of them by the same people. Ironically, most of them are still willing to pay for the original, unaltered The Culling, that's how bad The Culling 2 is. So you see, I was not making a joke at Xaviant and The Culling 2's expense - they've already done that to themselves. And it's not funny.

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