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Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.5: Item distribution changes and PC team planner explained

Published: 18:47, 10 March 2023
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Teamfight Tactics Ekko
Teamfight Tactics Ekko

Teamfight Tactics patch 13.5 is bringing some system changes to item distribution, increasing the options when selecting items. Furthermore, PC team planner is coming to Teamfight Tactics!

Patch 13.5 is preparing players for the Teamfight Tactics  Set 8.5 update by implementing system changes such as a new item distribution system and a distribution system for Hero Augments. The update includes changes to item balance that will continue into the Mid-Set update, as well as some adjustments to  Augments. 

Previously exclusive to mobile players, the team planner system in TFT allows players to plan their team composition before a game as a reference tool. With the release of Patch 13.5, PC players  will now also have access to this feature. 

To access the team planner in TFT, players can either open it from the game's home tab or from the player lobby. In the lobby, an icon featuring a person wearing a helmet can be found to the right of the "Find Match" button, which grants access to the planner. Once inside the team planner, players can create and save their desired team composition, which can then be reviewed during gameplay. 

Item Distribution Changes

The recent item distribution change in TFT improves the fairness of item acquisition among players. This means that players will no longer face situations where they are at a disadvantage with three or four fewer components than their competitors, including loot from orbs. 

Here are all the changes:

  • A guaranteed bonus orb on Stage 1-2, which provides enough gold for a player to purchase the Stage 1-3 shop
  • The new item distribution system ensures that players are never more than one or two components behind their competitors in a lobby 
  • Bonus orbs now take into account the value of items instead of just the quantity  
  • Unique variants of loot have been added throughout the PvE stages to enhance the game's diversity

The item distribution changes introduced in Patch 13.5 are permanent and build upon adjustments made in Patch 9.18, where Neeko's Help was replaced with the Champion Duplicator. 

Despite the changes, item selection remains random for players in a lobby, with each player receiving a unique set of loot.


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