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Team Fortress 2's server crashing exploit has been fixed

Published: 13:14, 08 April 2020
Team Fortress 2

Valve have updated Team Fortress 2, much to players' surprise and delight in equal part. The update is small when it comes to notes but the server crashing exploit that was ruining everyone's day is now fixed.

Team Fortress 2 is the father of modern hero shooters but Valve folks have not been actively working on it for years . This led the fans to believe Valve completely abandoned the game, especially because in the last few months it suffered from a major bot invasion.

The cherry on top was when players could no longer even kick said bots from their games, lest their servers crash. At this point, the players thought all hope was lost since the odds of Valve intervention were minimal.

However, the company did not just let them suffer the crashes and a surprise update came in the early hours of 8 April 2020. The changes amounted to a grand total of two bulletins but something is usually better than nothing.

In this case, it was much better since one of those lines said "Fixed a server crash exploit", meaning that the players should once again be able to ban the bots at their volition, without fearing the server crash. 

That said, the bots are still persistent in the game and it remains to be seen whether a ban wave or any other measures will be put in place. A ban wave would technically not do much since TF2 is a free to play game and the botters can just make new accounts.

Valve Team Fortress 2 characters sitting around a poker table Team Fortress 2

The other bulletin in the patch notes was regarding the updated localisation files. There are no more details on that one but while the players may find it ain't much, it's still honest work.

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