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Team Fortress 2 gets an esports event in 2023

Published: 05:58, 04 January 2023
Team Fortress 2 CTF
Team Fortress 2 CTF

On a list of things we didn't expect to see in 2023, a Team Fortress 2 competition would probably be at the top, if we managed to think of it.

Team Fortress 2 has been long regarded by the fans as a "dead game" mostly because Valve 's support for it waned while bots and cheaters took the servers over. 

It has all been happening for years, which is why the fans gave up on having anything nice so when Collegiate TF2 (CTF2) was announced, it seemed a bit weird to see.

That said, the league is organised by a third party, not Valve themselves, which is why it may not be all that odd.

In any case, CTF2 will be going on from February 8 to March 29, 2023, while the playoffs will happen at some point in April of the same year. The reason it has no date currently is that the organisers are unsure how many teams will participate and how many of them will make it to the knockout stage.

Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2

This Spring Season is open for anyone from collegiate student bodies where they will be put up against their peers from other such organisations in the US, meaning most of the players from the rest of the world will not get to compete.

Then again, those players would love nothing more than to just see Valve booting the new wave of bots out of the game before actually competing in any tournametns.

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