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Team Fortress 2 updates after a record drought

Published: 22:44, 22 June 2021
Valve Corporation
Is a classic game destined for the scrapyard?
Is a classic game destined for the scrapyard?

It would appear that Valve have made it a habit to make their fans wait on new releases and updates for existing ones. But for true fans, this only makes the wait even more worth it.

Whether you are playing as Heavy, mowing down all those who dare cross your path, the Healer that follows him, or the Scout who distracts and infuriates enemies, every player is still dependant on base gameplay working properly.

After a long drought update-wise, Valve have released a list of bug fixes and streamlining procedures that go live the next time players open the game launcher.

The changes are mostly geared towards the anti-cheat and anti-bot systems. It is a known fact that Team Fortress 2 has been left in a state of disrepair, making fans yearn for the old days during which server and game support was at their peak.

Nowadays, quite a few matches are plagued with bots and hackers, and the old VAC system is no longer capable of dealing with them. With this update, developers are leaning towards the voting system of kicking players, with changes implemented to help it along, though the fact that this is the solution developers are looking at does not give us much hope regarding the future of the game. Especially so, when security and stability updates are not elaborated upon and remain just a sentence in the official update newsletter.

Valve Team Fortress 2 characters sitting around a poker table What this picture is missing is more hats, surely

Additionally, the summer cosmetics package will be added to the game, alongside these updates. Hopefully, the new skins will be enough to tide us over, by the time Valve realize the potential of Team Fortress 2 as a timeless title, playable regardless of its age and graphics. The question remains, are these the last-ditch efforts of a dying game, or indicators of its future return to glory?

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