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Sunqua Peak fractal teased in a new Guild Wars 2 trailer

Published: 19:26, 08 September 2020
Guild Wars 2 - Sunqua Peak
Guild Wars 2 - Sunqua Peak

ArenaNet released a trailer that showcases some stages of the new fractal, Sunqua Peak, that is headed to live servers next week.

Fractal enthusiasts can look forward to Sunqua Peak debuting on September 15, 2020. One thing that might pique your curiosity from the trailer is the fact that there are voices in it. 

Yes, this means the fractal is fully voiced, which is something ArenaNet confirmed would be a thing previously but it might be a useful reminder. With that in mind, there is still no ETA on the arrival of voice acting for the last two Living World episodes, although Anet did note they sent the actors voice recording kits and the recording sessions have already started.

Back to the topic at hand, the new fractal will see Dessa inviting players to investigate the new echo she detected. According to the official description, Sunqua Peak is supposed to be a peaceful place with beautiful scenery that leads to the mountainside path. However, there is a disturbance in place and the spirits need the adventurers' help to heal the wound.

Hardcore players will be happy to hear that this fractal will feature a challenge mode although they will first need to prove their mastery, meaning completion of the regular version will be required.

New weekly Fractal achievements will also see players farming towards earning new items such as the Abyssal Fractal weapon skin set.

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