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Steam adds pricing Down Under but not all games are available

Published: 10:49, 21 November 2018
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Even though Valve Gabe it their best shot and added Australian dollar pricing for their customers Down Under, it turns out that not all publishers and studios did the same, which means that not all games are actually available via Steam.

According to a mail sent out to Valve's Steam partners, Australian customers will be paying with their native currency as of this month. Developers were notified to list their price in Aussie dollars if they want their game displayed after 21 November 2018, i.e. today.

Unfortunately, it seems that many developers have failed to do so, making their games unavailable for purchase in the country. It is said that Microsoft and Konami are the two most notable publishers who reportedly failed to respond, so Fable Anniversary and Metal Gear Solid V, to name but a few, are off the table.

So, the news of Steam arriving was somewhat spoiled, although not by Valve. Note that Steam pages of many of these games are still accessible but any purchases will be held off until the devs do their part in naming their price Down Under.

Speaking of naming their price, Valve's letter to Steam partners also states, "Right now, games are available to purchase on Steam in Australia with USD, but are often more expensive compared to the price in USD throughout the rest of the world". Gabe's men also cited statistics that points at 21 per cent better sales of games that were priced at parity than those that have been jacked up.

Valve haven't had the greatest of times in Australia, having been fined $3 million over their , but it should be smooth sailing from now on. Well, once the devs and publishers do their part of course.

AltChar Gabe Newell photoshopped on the statue of lady Justice Steam, GabeN's justice is neither blind nor slow!

We're not sure whether this will reflect on the pricing of games in Australia but we sure hope it will - I mean who like jacked up prices. On the other hand, at least they'll have someone to point at directly.

You can find Valve's letter to their Steam partners .

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