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StarCraft Remastered coming this summer

Published: 10:01, 26 March 2017
Updated: 10:02, 26 March 2017
StarCraft Remastered

StarCraft is set to recieve a 4K coat of paint and matchmaking. Game mechanics will remain unchaged.

Blizzard have announced today that the rumoured Star Craft is indeed a thing, and it's scheduled for release this summer.

Blizzard StarCraft Remastered - SD vs. 4K StarCraft Remastered - SD vs. 4K

A visual overhaul bringing the game up to 4K resolutions, improved sounds and a more modern matchmaking system are at the core of the facelift. The game's mechanics will remain untouched aside from a technical update for Brood War which will be bringing the game to version 1.18, almost 20 years after its launch.

Blizzard StarCraft Remastered - Bye-bye 4:3 StarCraft Remastered - Bye-bye 4:3

The , scheduled for the end of March, will mark the beginning of StarCraft's lifecycle as a free game - not free-to-play but just plain old free. Blizzard have pulled the StarCraft Anthology from their online store recently and the remaster will be taking its place, while the old SD version will be completely free.

A matchmaking feature is also coming our way along with the remaster. The old lobby system will remain in place for all players who prefer doing things the traditional non-automated way.




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