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Starcraft 2 gets free iNcontroL commemorative bundle

Published: 07:45, 22 October 2019
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Starcraft 2

Many a Starcraft fan was caught off guard earlier this year with the news of prominent caster and player Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson passing away, but Blizzard are keen on immortalising his image, and hopefully his jovial personality.

Starting today, 22 October 2019, Geoff's Announcer Pack, Portrait and some additional items Blizzard will be creating will be available to every player on log-in, free of charge, forever. It is a small gesture, but they hope it will at least show a fraction of how they feel.

In a post on Starcraft 2's website, Blizzard stressed that the community lost someone truly special, the reasons for which stretch far beyond his unparalleled work ethic.

"He was ambitious and motivated, always looking for opportunities to learn and improve himself. But he was also the kind of one-in-a-million human being who genuinely cared about every single person he met - no matter who they were, or how unlikely it was that he would see them again", they wrote. 

Robinson's first successes with Starcraft date as far back as 2007, when he won the national WCG championship, after which he branched out Fans could follow him via State of the Game podcast or his recently co-founded podcast The Pylon. 

"He major tournaments, demonstrating deep game knowledge, passion, and a preternatural ability to find the hilarity in any situation. In StarCraft, no matter where you looked, you found Geoff, and the community was better for it", they wrote. 

Blizzard Geoff Robinson, a.k.a. iNcontroL, late Starcraft player/caster Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson

Starcraft's community lost a big name and even a bigger person in Robinson, so including him in such a way is, indeed, the least Blizzard can do. 

"We’d like to believe that StarCraft was important to Geoff. But what we know, beyond any doubt, is that Geoff was important to StarCraft", they concluded. 

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