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Star Citizen's Foundation Festival 2950 could win you ships, skins

Published: 20:35, 08 July 2020
Cloud Imperium Games
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Star Citizen, Foundation Festival

Cloud Imperium Games announced the Foundation 2950 event, which is a month-long event that's all about helping your fellow pilots and snagging a few exclusive rewards in the process.

"In the ‘verse, the Foundation Festival is a month-long civic program that endeavors to strengthen the foundation of community by encouraging Citizens and Civilians to volunteer with local and Imperial organizations. During this time, the hope is that people will lift each other up so the community as a whole gets stronger", Cloud Imperium Games wrote. 

Given that the dev has been polishing the Guide System to make it easier for newcomers to start burning space rubber, this is a perfect time to give these upgrades a test spin, and you'll even get some rewards in return. 

So, Star Citizen players who act as guides this month will automatically receive exclusive rewards by the time Alpha 3.11 hits the live servers.

According to CIG, should you make it a habit and complete more, you'll be reeling them rewards in. These rewards are exclusive to the event, so get them while they last.

  • 1 Successful Guide Session: Yellow Flame Guide Insignia Spectrum Badge
  • 3 Successful Guide Sessions: Orange Flame Guide Insignia Spectrum Badge
  • 6 Successful Guide Sessions: Brand-New Foundation Festival Anvil Arrow Skin & Red Flame Guide Insignia Spectrum Badge

RSI Star Citizen - Drake Corsair Star Citizen - Drake Corsair

Perhaps the best part of the Foundation Festival 2950 is that ten most prolific guides will be rewarded with a ship that "best represents their teaching expertise", which is a pretty nice touch by CIG. 

CIG stressed they'll be monitoring and verifying all Guide interactions so as to prevent anyone gaming the system, so make sure you keep your academic work clean.

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