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Star Citizen presents roadmap that focuses on progress and not promises

Published: 10:15, 26 November 2020
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Cloud Imperium Games have unveiled the latest and greatest roadmap for Star Citizen, which in their words is more focused on progress than making promises.

"The new Roadmap has been in active development and we’re still marching towards our end-of-year target. It may seem like a simple task, but an oft-overlooked aspect of building out this Roadmap is the management of such a massive dataset. Building out the front end for a Roadmap isn’t the hardest part – not even close", the dev wrote.

Apparently, the new roadmap depends on chunks of data coming from more than 50 teams, which takes quite a bit of effort to organise and make presentable. 

In December, Star Citizen players will be getting a roadmap that focuses on so-called "upstream" teams, those that are delivering the tech, content or a feature. Downstream teams are the US, Audio and other complementary disciplines. 

CIG explained that the nature of work done on Star Citizen means that Downstream teams must remain reactive to what the Upstream team are doing, and sometimes vice-versa, hence the reason why development can often seem laggy. 

Anyway, Star Citizen's developer posted a brief video on their website , where they show the roadmap in action. You can glean a bit of it on the image below, and CIG stressed that this has been a monumental undertaking. 

Cloud Imperium Games Star Citizen roadmap Star Citizen roadmap

Star Citizen's new roadmap will have two views - the Progress Tracker (above), and the Release View, which is similar to what's there on the Public Roadmap now. 

So, the team are not saying there will be no more delays, but now you'll be able to tell exactly how much work there is to be finished before a tech or a feature is out.

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