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Star Citizen dev shows off Squadron 42's Vanduul designs, Pyro II

Published: 17:55, 19 June 2020
Star Citizen - Drake Corsair
Star Citizen - Drake Corsair

Cloud Imperium Games posted a new video on Star Citizen and Squadron 42, which shows off the evolution of Vanduul fighter design, upcoming planet Pyro II and a bunch more.

Final designs of the Vanduul series took longer than expected with several iterations and designs being discarded. Nevertheless, CIG kept looking for a style that would fit the material-driven Vanduul fighters, and the solution was as clever as it was simple. 

The dev filled up a virtual hallway with a bunch of objects and materials, playing with textures and material stretching until they hit gold. Quite conveniently, Vanduul are notorious scavengers, so CIG's development process makes sense lore-wise too. 

Somewhere around the 6-minute mark in the video are Squadron 42's AI improvements, which will bind AI enemies to the same rules of engagement as the player. Namely, they will no longer sport infinite ammo and once they're out, they'll have to do the same thing players do - resupply. 

As for new ships, CIG showed the work-in-progress version of the Origin 100 series, which is coming with Star Citizen's Alpha 3.11 release. The dev's got some final touches to do on the ships, but they look pretty great in this phase as well. 

The Gladius is getting some polish, weapon and item rack to help with missions, and there's also a dashboard makeover on the way. Weapon racks will be in as of Alpha 3.10. 

You can check out the refinery decks around the 8-minute mark, as the initial layout is apparently done. There's clearly a lot of work left, but once again - it's pretty clear what Star Citizen's dev is going for, and we can already see how impressive it will look. 

Last but not least is Pyro II, and while it's not overly long, it's a nice crash course into the history of the planet.

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