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Star Citizen: Laylani Addison wins 2950 Imperator Election

Published: 07:02, 02 November 2020
Star Citizen - Drake Corsair
Star Citizen - Drake Corsair

You thought you'll escape elections in the video game world, did you? Well, think again, as Star Citizen had their own 2950 Imperator Election, and the results are in.

One cannot help but chuckle at Cloud Imperium Games' humour in times like this. After all, nobody ever died of laughter, and let me tell you - the comments are even more hilarious. 

Anyway, here's CIG's text in its entirety, with a link below to the original, where you can check out the comments for some extra laughs.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled spectrum broadcast to bring you the results of the 2950 Imperator Election. 

I’m Tyrone Salonen, commissioner of the Imperial Election Bureau, speaking to you from our headquarters on Earth. Thank you for joining me on this historic occasion, as I am pleased to announce that the 2950 Imperator election vote tally is complete. I would like to also thank all five final candidates for travelling to Moscow for the ceremony and to congratulate you all on your dedication and service to the UEE. 

I will now certify the results. 

[Tyrone Salonen scans through a document and signs a few pages. Then Salonen clicks a button on the terminal before him and smiles.] 

And with that, I hereby certify Laylani Addison as the winner of the 2950 election and proclaim her the next Imperator of the United Empire of Earth. On behalf of the Empire, congratulations to Imperator-Elect Addison. 

[Laylani Addison, the Imperator-Elect, takes a moment to compose herself and then steps forward.] 

Thank you, Commissioner Salonen. Let me start by thanking my campaign staff all across the Empire. There are too many people to name, right now, but none of this would be possible without your hard work and dedication. Truly, I cannot thank you enough for helping turn our improbable dream into a reality. My love and thanks to my dedicated partner and campaign manager, Jesse. I am here now because of your belief in me. To our daughter Finley, thank you for your patience and the joy you bring me every day. I also want to thank the people of the UEE. Words fail to express the deep sense of pride and gratitude I’m feeling right now. Serving as your Imperator will be the honor of a lifetime, and I promise to dedicate myself to building a better Empire for all. 

Make no mistake, I’m under no illusions that this will be easy. For years I was told that the deeply rooted political parties and corporate interests were too powerful, too entrenched, for an independent voice to be heard. Well, we sure proved them wrong and showed everyone where the true power lies in this empire — with the people!   

Now that the election is over our real work can begin. Much like my campaign, I cannot do this alone. Only with your help can we reform this Empire into an institution that’s able to address the issues of the day and remain agile enough to confront the challenges ahead. My administration will focus on policies that will make this possible. Beginning with education and innovation initiatives that will lead this empire into a new age of progress, peace, and prosperity. 

I know there will be people out there saying that my policy goals are impractical or even impossible. Yet my campaign is proof that when the people of the UEE come together for the common good we can make the impossible possible. For the next decade, you have chosen to let me lead the way. I promise to fully dedicate myself to the people’s cause and refuse to let fear dictate our path forward. Together we can build a better tomorrow and a stronger empire for us all. Thank you. 

Cloud Imperium Games Star Citizen characters posing Star Citizen, Foundation Festival

You can find the full piece (with comments) here .

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