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Star Citizen show of soon-to-be-flyable Esperia Talon

Published: 23:32, 10 December 2020
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen, Esperia Talon
Star Citizen, Esperia Talon

In the latest episode of Inside Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games showed off the Esperia Talon, which will soon be flyable, along with other development updates.

Esperia Talon and Talon Shrike are a pair of light fighters, which means they're sacrificing potential firepower for agility. The difference between the variance is that Talon has great guns but not great missiles, whereas the Shrike offers the opposite.

Star Citizen players are getting a pretty sleek fighter and one cannot deny the inherent coolness of the hawk-like figure. And if that's not birdlike enough, the devs mentioned that sitting in the cockpit feels like being in a nest. 

"For release, we knew we wouldn't have the full ejection pod mechanic so we worked around this by adjusting the ejection seat parameters to support ejecting in any direction we wanted. So, for the Talon at launch, it will have ejection capabilities more than other ships, so you'll still be able to simulate that sort of last-ditch, forward eject", vehicle director John Crewe said. 

Star Citizen's lean new bird looks even more impressive up close thanks to the iridescent shader, which adds an extra layer of shimmer and makes the Talon look like a proper military fighter.

The Talon and Talon Shrike will be making their debut in the upcoming Star Citizen Alpha 3.12 version. 

Cloud Imperium Games Star Citizen, Esperia Talon from above Star Citizen, Esperia Talon is quite the charmer!

CIG also discussed changes to the FPS weapons, starting with the Behring FS-9 ballistic LMG. The team pushed for a smaller but more realistic muzzle flash that's likely to strike a chord with players who like to spray and pray. 

The video also shows the Gemini AO-3 sniper rifle, a compact marksman weapon, as well as Shroud of the Avatar crossbow, which will be coming a bit later. 

Star Citizen by Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games

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