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Star Citizen showcases Origin 300, 890 Jump and web customisation

Published: 15:40, 07 June 2019
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen's luxury ship Origin Jumpworks 890 Jump
Star Citizen, Origin Jumpworks 890 Jump

As part of Origin Celebration, which lets backers fly any Origin ship for free until 20 June 2019, Cloud Imperium Games rolled out two trailers, showcasing the luxurious 300 series, the 890 Jump model and the new web customisation.

As you can see from the trailer above, the Origin Jumpworks 300 Series are lean, mean killing machines, regardless of which of the four variants you choose. 

Often called a 'luxury dogfighter', "It is to the credit of the company that such a description is not a contradiction in terms: the smooth, aerodynamic lines of the 300i base design perfectly evoke both a flowing work of technical art and an ideal killing machine."

Star Citizen's web customisation works like a car-dealership, allowing you to customise everything from materials and finishes to individual components and sleek trims, provided the manufacturer offers more stock options.

Much like the 300 series, Origin 890 Jump is all about luxury but where it trumps its sibling is the size.

Star Citizen players will find that CIG used the space well, including a second, more protected bridge, armoury with gun storage and the medbay, all built with hostile attacks in mind. The devs say they're in the final art stage of design.

"The ship cuts an impressive and iconic silhouette and comes equipped with a wealth of amenities. Unrivaled in style and sophistication, many CEOs, politicians, and spectrum stars now consider the 890 Jump their home away from home", the description reads.

CIG also gave us a sneak peek at the progress in hover mode development, i.e. extension to the VTOL mode, which makes working in the atmosphere much easier, not to mention much more realistic. 

"The hope is that [the hovering mode] feels more believable and realistic in the universe" said Star Citizen's gameplay programmer Dave Colson. After all, having ships behave the same in space and in an atmosphere isn't exactly realistic, as fun as it occasionally may be.

Cloud Imperium Games Star Citizen's Origin Jumpworks 300 customisation screen Star Citizen, Origin Jumpworks 300 customisation

You can find out more on Star Citizen's official website . Origin Jumpworks' vehicle portfolio is

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