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Star Citizen's next update will bring female characters

Published: 20:33, 28 March 2019
Cloud Imperium Games
Picture of a female character in her underwear in Star Citizen
Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games are going to deploy update 3.5 for Star Citizen in the coming weekend which will bring the new cyberpunk-inspired city, Area 18, as well as female characters and even more customisation for the facial features.

Cloud Imperium Games are launching the Star Citizen 3.5 update for the backers soon and Area 18 is coming with it. The city is full of flashy neon lights that are a byproduct of mass advertising, a la cyberpunk, which should offer players a new aesthetic to enjoy. We have already covered the city though, which you can read about in the article about the .

Meanwhile, the female characters are coming for those who were not satisfied with the current looks of their avatars. The ladies were a lot of work for CIG apparently, as Chris Roberts stated that they paid more attention to creating these characters than usual in the gaming industry.

This involved creating a new rig for the female characters in order to distinguish their physiology from their male counterparts, which is not what other games usually do. The results are quite stunning, as you can see in the video above.

Star Citizen's character creation allows for a , which provides players with the tools to create the perfect match for the facial features they are looking for. There are some telltale signs that still make it obvious female characters are a new addition though.

For examples, most of the haircuts are the usual ones used for the male characters and one of the female haircuts clips through the helmet, which can be seen at 5:25 timestamp in the video.

Cloud Imperium Games Picture of a female character in Star Citizen Star Citizen

Still, these issues will undoubtedly get fixed in the future and it is good to finally see female pilots in the game. Star Citizen fans waited a long time to see them but they are nothing if not a patient bunch - the game has essentially been in development for eight years by now, after all.

Star Citizen images from release 3.3.5 live server

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Star Citizen 3.3.5

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