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Star Citizen introduces a new Anvil Aerospace ship, site crashes

Published: 19:23, 23 November 2018
Updated: 20:24, 23 November 2018
Promotional picture for the new Star Citizen ship, Arrow
Star Citizen - Arrow

Cloud Imperium Games have announced a new ship coming to Star Citizen - 2949 Arrow by Anvil Aerospace. This new fighter will offer unmatched maneuverability, decent firepower and will not be pricey, at least by Star Citizen standards.

Like the name, the trailer and the header image suggest, this new ship's designers took heavy inspiration from good old arrowheads. This particular tip will cost $79, a price equal to a deluxe edition of a AAA game, but the funds will be used to develop Star Citizen further, as well as Squadron 42.

Arrow is not just the proverbial pretty face though, since the ship is touted as an extremely fast and maneuvrable vessel that can carry quite the punch. Its armour will likely not be too sturdy, in order to balance out the strong points.

The best part about the Arrow may be the fact that it's already available, meaning it those who are joining in as free to play guests will be able to give this beauty a spin themselves, at no cost. Those who want to hop into the newest addition may do so by visiting Hurston's Anniversary museum and the best part is that it will apparently be available for the entirety of Free Flight event.

Speaking of which, Hurston is the new planet in Star Citizen and also the reason why the game started receiving more positive views lately. Another reason for this turn of events is the Free Flight event itself that apparently brought more players than Cloud Imperium Games hoped for. This resulted in the crashing and the inability to preview Arrow, among other ships there.

Cloud Imperium Games Picture of a fancy alien ship in a hangar from Star Citizen Star Citizen

There is no doubt that Chris Roberts' vision, and therefore Star Citizen - is a sight to behold, but it is also slowing down development, which is one of the reasons why some people are sceptical about the game's future. Currently, there is no way to obtain ships in it other than murdering your wallet, since this is the funding model. Many will become grindable when the game launches. If it launches.

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Star Citizen Public Test Universe 3.3.5

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